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New York Times Introduces Digital Subscriptions (I Luck Out With 1 Year Of Free Access)

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I just received an email from the New York Times introducing their foray into digital subscriptions. See my earlier post regarding this issue here. I’ve attached the email below.

Expect NYT to not-so-gently encourage readers to subscribe through the home page. By doing so NYT will avoid paying the 30% toll to Apple for those who subscribe using the NYT iPad application. NYT embeds several links in the email that take you to the website. Here’s their pricing breakdown: + Smartphone App access is $15/month. + Tablet App access is $20/month. + full digital access is $35/month.

If you don’t want to pay anything, you get access to the home page and headlining sections, and 20 articles per month. If you come across an article through Twitter, Facebook or Google, it does not count against your 20 view limit.

And of course, they want to maintain, and eventually grow, their current home-delivery customer base. So they’re offering full digital access for these subscribers, again eschewing the risk of losing customers and 30% to iPad users.

I forsee the NYT strategy to be a mix of subscriptions and advertising. By keeping digital access to those already subscribing, they can take advantage of those existing eyeballs and continue to build digital advertising revenue on the plethora of smartphones and tablets available in today’s market. I’ll have some more thoughts on this in the days to come as more details roll out.

3/19 Update: Access to unlimited content! I received an email this past Friday evening from Apparently NYTimes is partnering with Lincoln (yes the car) to offer free, unlimited access to The email says

As a frequent reader of, you’ve demonstrated an uncommon interest in a wide variety of today’s most important topics. This makes you anything but average. In fact, it can’t help but make you “smarter” — just the kind of person we at Lincoln want to engage.
Though will soon begin charging for unlimited access*, Lincoln is offering you a free digital subscription for the remainder of 2011. Enjoy all that has to offer every day — investigative news and special reports, videos, blogs and more. It’s all yours at no charge, compliments of Lincoln.

Completely unexpected but hey I will definitely take it! Email attached below.


Written by Girish Rao

March 17, 2011 at 11:31

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